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4 1/2 hour tour that explores the Extremely beautiful Northside of Chicago. Chicago was rated the “Most Beautiful City in America.” and after this tour of the Northside of Chicago you will understand, and agree, why! New York has Central Park, but we have Lake Shore Drive. With its parks, high rises, and boating harbors, Central Park doesn’t even come close! When you experience the abundance of our middle class neighborhoods and our amazing parks, I’m sure you’re gonna love it! Come see how we live, how we play. You will enjoy our. $125

North Side Tours

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SEE THE REAL CHICAGO We provide memorable Chicago, IL tours

Chicago Personal Neighborhood Tour has you covered. We offer half-day tours throughout the North Side of Chicago, IL. We can take up to nine travelers on a tour filled with beautiful views of the most popular parts of Chicago. We can’t wait for you to experience the real Chicago, not just the tourist sights.

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Please note that our tours are stroller-accessible, but not wheelchair-accessible.

See all that makes Chicago iconic

The North Side of Chicago is home to some of the most iconic skyscrapers, shopping districts, museums and restaurants. We’ll show you all of the most memorable Chicago tourist attractions in just a couple of hours.

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North Side Tours

chicago bus tours

Learn what the North Side of Chicago has to offer

Interested in taking a Chicago bus tour through the North Side? Chicago Personal Neighborhood Tour has carefully curated an itinerary that will showcase an array of Chicago tourists’ attractions.

This affluent suburb contains:

We’ll be sure to cover the cultural, social and historical significance of every attraction we visit. There will also be plenty of photo-ops so you can memorialize your tour forever.

If you’re ready to explore the North Side of Chicago, we invite you to book your tour today.

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