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Let's start from the beginning...

The history of Chicago dates back to the 1770s when Jean Baptiste Point du Sable first arrived from Haiti as a free Black man. His influence continued to shape Black culture in the city for years to come.

Black history of Chicago continued into the early and mid-1900s when the Great Migration brought thousands of African Americans to the windy city from the south. Since then, they've founded churches, community organizations and businesses. Their presence has influenced the arts, including music and literature.

When you book our historic tour of Chicago, we'll take you back in time so you can gain a better understanding of the Black men and women that came before us and helped shape our city. Black culture helped transform Chicago into the city it is today, so book our historic tour of Chicago today.


A journey of the Great Migration from the South to Chicago

Bronzeville the first original black neighborhood in Chicago which is over 100 years old!

In New York harbor stands the Statue of Liberty. A monument to the immigrants seeking freedom. "Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses. yearning to breathe free".

In Chicago stands the monument to the Great Northern migration. Black people, immigrants to the north seeking Freedom. "We were beaten tired, poor, a huddled masses, yearning to breathe".

Come take this journey with us!

The birth of Modern Day gospel music started here!

The historical Pilgrim Baptist Church

The Real home of the Blues!

The train from the south brought black people of all persuasions and among those are some of the greatest blues and jazz artist to Chicago. They recorded on Record rd. Tour and learn about our famous Michigan Ave and how it was "Record Row" where VJ Records, Brunswick Records and course Chess Records or "Cadillac Records" was started as betrayed in the movie..

Join us on this Victory celebration

If you weren't able to attend the first March on Washington, come experience with us at the DuSable Museum of African American History.

Let's put flowers on the childhood home of Emmitt Till.

(We provide you with flowers to place at his doorstep).

The Obama Library and Cultural Center is under construction. Let's check out the progress!

Yes! We are going by Obama's house.

Yes! We are going by Michelle's childhood home.

Yes! We are going by Farrakhan house.

Yes! We are going by The Honorable Elijah Muhammad's house.

Yes! We are going by Muhammad Ali's house.

Yes! We are going by Jennifer Hudson childhood home.

Yes! We are going by Muhammad Ali's house.

Yes! We are going by Kanye West childhood home.

Yes! We are going by Muhammad Ali's house.

Yes! We are going by Nat King Cole home.

Yes! We are going by Muhammad Ali's house.

Yes! We are going by Louis Armstrong's house.

Yes! We are going by Mahalia Jackson's house.

The most famous person in the world lived in this house. Do you know who?

We would like to give you hint. He was so fast that he would hit the lights off in the bedroom and be in the bed before the room was dark.

After a great tour!

This not a bus tour!

We don't load many people on our buses. This is a personal tour. We take 2-6 people on a tour. We take pictures.

This is a sight seeing picture perfect tour. With larger crowds we use more than 1 vehicle and tour guide.

2-6 People luxury van

8-100 15 passenger vans

You find a lot of history here!

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